Why to Learn Programming in 2021?

Why to Learn Programming in 2021?

Learn programming in 2021

Have you ever wondered as a teenager in which field you should pursue a career? In today’s world with the development in various fields there are many options available which you can pursue as a career. Some are very clear with their visions while some keep on wondering. The technology around us attract us to get know how it works. Those who build this technology where once teenagers who wondered what to do in life. In this blog we will talk about why you should learn programming in 2021.

What is programming?

Programming is basically a way of writing set of instructions to solve a particular problem. It can be termed as an automization process to implement your idea of solving a problem statement. Then you can convert your idea into a list of steps called the algorithm. There are many programming languages and many different types of computers but the first step is to have the solution. Without a solution there can be no program.

What programming can do?

Computers can do amazing things, from basic word documents and games to complex supercomputers completing billions of transactions a day. Thus controlling the infrastructure that makes modern life possible. But no computer can do anything until a programmer codes for it. That’s what programming is all about. Programming is making the computers to solve problems for you. It helps you to speed up input and output processing. Writing a program requires a lot of logic and creativity. It also requires abstract thinking, but it’s all worth it. Programming languages are the way to create software that performs various or specific tasks in a systematic manner. It is used to automate, maintain, assemble and process data and information easily and more efficiently.

So why is programming important in this age?

Billions of people are using mobiles and computers as part of their daily life. Around you there are plenty of objects which you are able to use because of programmers. Technology is an essential part of today’s world because so much of our world is automated. C, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Swift, SQL, Ruby, etc. are the reason behind the innovations in Information technology. If today we are seeing robots, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud computing, etc., then it’s because of programming languages. Consider any field and you will see that almost all machines, facilities, systems run due to some software. Advancing technology promises that programming languages will continue to evolve. And so will the world evolve with the technology concepts.

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So pursuing programming as a career is a good choice?

If you’re thinking of becoming a programmer, you have to take into account that there’s a lot to consider. This makes it necessary for you to improve yourself to be capable of working in future with all these advancements. That’s why programming is a necessity in the next years. Learning maximum coding skills is the most important asset to be the best. Also there is so much variety in technology fields, you can choose from plenty options as your career. You can be a software developer, web developer, game developer or an android developer. There is no limitation in any of these.

If you have the capacity, programming will be very rewarding for you. The demand for computer programming knowledge is growing. Recent graduates in the computer science field earn, on average, pretty significant starting salaries. Programming principles implemented today will influence how technologies such as voice-recognition, artificial intelligence and other sophisticated technologies will change in the future and they will be applied to our day-to-day lives. 

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Lina Pawar

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Learn programming in 2021!!!! If you are a teenager who wants to explore technical world then you should definitely learn programming. Also it will help you increase your problem solving skill and develop your logic. For starting a career in programming you don’t really have to be a teenager. As we quote “Age is just a number yaar!!” it applies to the coding field as well.

Hope we have answered your “Should I learn programming in 2021?”. If yes then do tell us in the comment section below. Also share it with your friends and tell them why programming is necessary. And for more such content keep visiting. Do follow us on social media for daily updates.

Keep programming!



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